Out With The Doubt. In With The Bold.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Out with the doubt. In with the bold. How we can shift our Imposter Syndrome mindset and empower ourselves.

The talk of imposter syndrome is prevalent throughout all walks of life. we have all experienced it, one way or another. While there are talks of overcoming, combating and dealing with Imposter Syndrome, there is nothing more powerful than shifting and reframing that mindset.

Feeling doubt and inadequacy is normal, but you get to choose how long you want to swim in that lane and which lane you want to be in.

So instead, I'd like to bring focus towards a few key lenses and mindsets to adopt to say farewell to 'Imposter Syndrome' altogether.

Own It

What are your strengths?

What are you best at?

How do you want to be?

How would you like to present yourself?

Bring the focus towards owning and honing your skillset, your background, your story, and embellish that to become your greatest strength.


If you ever felt like you weren’t good enough, then you may have also heard that you are not alone in this.

However, think of it this way. How do you know you’re not good enough? What makes that true? Who assigned that into your life? You. 

Similarly, who is in charge of your thoughts and how you present yourself? YOU. 

There is only one of you and we are bestowed with an abundance of choice in our lives.

So while these emotions are all part of our journey and intrinsic to being human, we also have a choice to determine how we are.

Only you know yourself best, you choose how you will be. The power is in your hands.

So how do you choose to feel?

Every day, we get to choose how we present and define ourselves. Don’t let that opportunity escape.

Feed Good Thoughts

Our mind is a double-edged sword. It is our most discouraging and crushing weapon in fabricating thoughts that can make us feel unworthy. It also fools us to believe we are plagued with imposter syndrome.

But it is also our most powerful weapon that can uplift us and empower us.

Given your sword, which end do you choose to sharpen and continue your journey as a warrior?

To accentuate the positive moments, think of what makes you feel happy. Think more about that. Feel more of that. Give value to your thoughts and happiness.


The idea of Imposter Syndrome is stemmed from abstraction. It can feel easy to sit in one's emotions. But the idea is to keep moving forward.

Take action on your thoughts, to diminish the feeling of fraud, self-doubt, and embrace your authenticity.

What do you want to do next that will better your situation?

What skill do you want to work on to improve yourself?

Choose something you want to work on, that will make you feel better, centred and focus on that.

In the words of Albert Einstein,

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving"

Strive today.

Thrive better tomorrow.