How Your Non-Tech Background Is Your Greatest Advantage

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

No background in tech? Imposter syndrome? No worries, because you've got 'outsider' advantage.

For those career changers and trailblazers breaking into tech with no CS or prior tech background, this one is for you.

Often those who come from a non-tech background may feel an immense of doubt and often be plagued with imposter syndrome. It's okay to feel this way.

However, over the course of my journey, not only did I learn to sit comfortably with Imposter syndrome, but it was a delightful work in progress of re-framing perspectives.

A combination of being kind to myself, self-care and self-love but mostly, to own your story and embrace it. Especially when you are changing your careers or wanting to break into tech. Sista, it is all possible, I can feel it.

Here is why I believe those with a non-tech background or diverse backgrounds and changing careers have an advantage like no other.

They have what is called an 'outsider advantage'. With this characteristic, there is a plethora of positives that come along, uplifting you on your journey throughout. These are:

Bringing Diverse Thought

Outsiders bring different thoughts and perspectives on the industry.

Even better is that the skills they have learned from the previous industry they came from can be transferred and applied effectively, if not better in the tech world.

For instance, this could be critical analysis skills, problem solving and logical thinking patterns which is highly advantageous in the technology industry.

Wealth of Knowledge

Knowledge is ever-flowing, growing and refining day by day.

No matter where you came from, what degree you studied, we all have our own 2 cents and gems of wisdom we can share in any industry.

Wisdom is everywhere. It's knowing where to look and research.

As an outsider, you have a pot of knowledge that can bring value to any business and people.

Different Type of Attitude

Outsiders are keen to learn, go-getters and trailblazers. Because they are en-route on their career change journey, the eagerness to learn has become embedded to learn and improve.

They are most open to constructive criticism, taking feedback with an open mind and ready to do better and be better.

Apply a New Sense of Curiosity

Innovation comes from the curious, the self-starters and the new age thinkers.

All the greatest inventions, discoveries and innovations in the previous centuries came to life with the curious eye.

Outsiders stepping into the industry breathe a new sense of curiosity.

For example, I came from a thorough background in healthcare and science. I realised, my background wasn't a roadblock but instead, it has empowered me along the way. To me, it is my part in contributing to the digital transformation of technology in healthcare in Australia.

Using my hefty healthcare knowledge, understanding healthcare systems in Australia, equipped with working with patient care and experience, I can utilise this to my advantage in using technology to better the healthcare experience.

Overall, make sure you don't write yourself off just because you are lacking a tech background. Your diversity is your advantage. Innovation comes from the outside.

Strive Today.

Thrive Better Tomorrow.