Debunking 6 Myths of The Career Pivot

Changing Careers? What They Didn't Tell You & What You Should Know.

Having more than one career path in life is becoming more common these days. Although, you may find your brave endeavor may be hindered due to various myths and 'scare stories' that can stop you cold in your tracks. But have no fear. Here I debunk some of the common myths when embarking on a career pivot and empowering you to embrace your story.

1. "There is only one perfect job."

There is no such thing as perfection in life. There is only continued development and improvement, in all aspects of life.

This perspective can be applied to our career journeys. Work is an integral part of our every day lives, which makes it even more important to immerse yourself in work that authentically aligns with your values and what you believe in.

There are multiple roles that you can participate in that expresses your values and mission purpose. So while you may be coming from another industry or different role, it does not mean you cannot change your job.

Why create a world for yourself where you have to choose only one job. Create a world for yourself where you are able to manifest your interests and values in life.

2. "My job has to match my university/college degree"

Gone are the days of the old. In with the new only. Straightforward, traditional paths are commonly taught to us as we grow up. Going to college or university, with a relevant degree that will land you a job, so you can be a productive member of society until you retire.

But these days, we encounter people from numerous walks of life. Their jobs or career choice, not necessarily aligned with what they previously studied at formal education.

Stepping into the world after higher education is a whole new playing field. I encourage you to do research into the role you want and identify what employable skills you can build. Find out what relevant courses you can take to make sure you build the right skills to land that job you want.

Nothing ever stays the same forever. We are everchanging individuals. It helps us grow and learn about ourselves.

Your career path is your canvas. Your life is a canvas. Choose your colors and create your best masterpiece.

3. "I have no experience"

Sometimes we can allow fear talk to get in the way of our endeavors.

The mind is a double-edged sword. It can often speak doubt to us, but it is also your most effective tool in building that faith in yourself.

Experience is one thing. But the determination to learn is another. Most employers value significant interpersonal skills over your background or where you came from. Their eyes are on the future, what you can do, contribute to the organization, and ultimately to society.

Additionally instead of thinking 'I have no experience,' think about what can you do to change that. What courses can you sign up for to build that experience? The internet has allowed education to be easily accessed online these days. There are a plethora of technical and coding courses out there. Do your research and find out what skills you need to build that foundation for yourself; whether it's with higher education, a condensed online certificate, or being self-driven and self-teaching yourself.

I have encountered multiple individuals who have built a future for themselves and thrive in their career change, purely by being self-driven.

The audacity to learn, adapt, and improve on the role is your undying power.

My advice: leave Imposter Syndrome behind. A strong mentality and tenacity is your greatest asset.

4. "I have to start as a junior again"

Each and every one of us is a walking story of ourselves. All career changers have a story. All individuals are unique and carry with them years of experience and a skillset distinctive to their own.

When changing your career path, you are walking in with a new fresh pair of eyes.

You have what I like to call, "Outsider Advantage". This means you hold a wealth of knowledge and bring unique perspectives to the table.

Ultimately, based on your previous role, you most likely hold a strong set of soft skills in your arsenal that is highly valuable and transferable across all industries. Some examples can be clear communication, leadership, problem-solving and critical thinking.

Own your story, turn it into your strengths. Allow that to propel you forward.

5. "I am uncertain of the future"

Every new journey we embark on brings uncertainty regardless. Each journey is unique, with their own excitement and uncertainty.

But what actions can you take today that will determine the future?

What choice can you make today that can change the future for yourself?

The future will always be uncertain.

But it does not have to stop us in our tracks of changing careers.

It's all about building that future for yourself.

Carve out those opportunities by working on your skillset, building your knowledge, and finding ways to move yourself an inch closer to where you want to be.

The future really is in your hands.

6. "It's impossible, it's too late"

Most of the time, we conjure an idea in our minds about something before we put in the time to find out if it's all really true.

The 'it's impossible, it's too late' mindset is no stranger.

Nothing is impossible! It clearly says 'I'm possible'.

It's never too late.

If age is a factor you are worried about, it is okay to feel that way. But have a look at the bigger picture.

Because regardless of you making a career change or not you will turn X years old anyway.

It comes down to what is important to you.

If it is important to you and will benefit you in the long run, then go for it!

It is never too late. The time is always NOW.

As the stoics have adamantly advocated for, we can control how we respond to certain situations and emotions.

So, I leave you with this gem of wisdom.

Everything is possible. Find a way to make it happen. I am not saying it is easy. Expect imperfection. Expect failure. Expect struggle.

But I think the greatest choice we have, is to choose which path we are willing to struggle for.

Which path are you willing to walk to make it possible and all worthwhile for yourself.

Strive today

Thrive better tomorrow.