Building A Personal Brand for Successful Career Change

Changing careers? Crafting and building your personal brand is one way to achieve that goal. Here's why.

Cultivating a personal brand is a good way to showcase yourself in life. More so, it is a way to stand out in your career.

The added bonus of having a personal brand is it is one successful way to succeed in a career pivot.

But what is a "personal brand"?

The term brand can often refer to various successful companies that all have distinct and easily recognizable brands, followed by what they stand for.

Personal branding follows a similar concept. Your personal brand serves as your mission and your purpose. It is a demonstration of your values and speaks volumes about what you can bring to a workplace. Most of all, your personal brand is a unique brand that helps you stand out from the crowd.

You are the face of your own brand. You are the embodiment of your mission in this walk called life and your blossoming career.

Embody it.

Nurture it.

Here I show you 5 actionable steps that helped me successfully create my mark in the vast world of technology, starting from a low technical background. It goes to demonstrate that personal branding can help you make a successful transition and create your trail, whatever career you are pursuing.

1. Craft a Unique Brand

In order to differentiate yourself, you first need to identify who you are and who you aspire to be.

The advantage in the workforce is now all yours as you have identified what makes you different and stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, throughout interviews, it can leave a long-lasting impression.

Don't be a cookie-cutter copy of those around you. Find your uniqueness. Own it.

No one is better at being yourself than you are.

2. Grow Your Online Presence

The beauty of the online space is that there are free tools out there for you to market yourself.

Once you have established a brand, look into ways you can showcase it out there.

You might even find your fellow techie in your local town! The world is really a small place, but one that folds neatly together, like a beautiful and logical piece of origami.

Growing your online presence can be a good way to start connecting with others and finding similar groups!

An example of this is present in starting my career in technology, I have connected far and wide with various #womenintech groups, discovered some individuals in similar situations, and discovering learning buddies!

If I can start it, you can too!

3. Find Your Audience

On top of growing an online presence, it is a good idea to identify your audience.

Your audience is your online network which can potentially connect you to various work opportunities out there.

For instance, breaking into the world of Technology, but exactly which area are you particularly interested in?

Got your eyes on web development? Looking at front-end or back-end web development? Or even better, go into full-stack? Interested in machine learning and AI? Biotechnology? Health technology?

Salesforce or FinTech? Or even looking to gain overall work experience and exposure in an IT working environment?

The list goes on! It's an endless list of opportunities out there. I highly recommend finding your audience and establishing connections.

I can advocate for this as this series of events neatly played out in my favor. One that I am utterly grateful for.

I hold a deep interest in the health tech and medical technology fields and I can definitely say that my journey into health technology sprouted purely by connecting with fellow

health-tech companies and founders on Instagram.

I would not say I was 'lucky.' I simply created a path and grabbed the opportunity by the hand.

These connections whether big or small will serve a significant impact on your journey.

Start now.

4. Nourishing Your Brand

While establishing your brand is extremely useful to build your connections, a way to develop your brand is to set up ways that can bring value.

What are some things you can share or create to help others? Why can you provide to your audiences that bring your mission to life?

Not only are you adding value to your audiences, but it is also a good way to help your brand grow, from a professional and personal perspective.

There are many ways you can engage in that will help your brand grow.

This can range from creating content, volunteering your skillset, mentoring, sharing knowledge, advice and so much more!

The world is like a huge canvas.

Paint what you would like to see on your masterpiece.

5. Reinvent. Rebuild.

Your journey to crafting your personal brand is a life-long journey.

So are your values, your purpose, and mission.

If you have worked on projects, you may know that projects are improved on in iterations.

Just like with yourself and cultivating your personal brand, you might find yourself working in iterations.

In order to create yourself, you must constantly review it. In order to create your mark, you must constantly reinvent.

There is no state of perfection. But there is constant improvement and demonstrating your best self.

You are a warrior.

Break boundaries.

Build and rebuild yourself.

Be better than yesterday.

What is your personal brand? What do you stand for? What is your mission statement?