#100DaysofCode: The Pledge


On April 14th 2020, I officially publicly pledged my commitment to the #100DaysofCode challenge on various social media sites.

There are two simple rules. 

1. Code for at least 1 hour per day for the next 100 days 
2. Tweet about it or share it online however you like to keep yourself accountable. 

I decided to officially launch my own website as part of my working portfolio. I thought this opportunity would be the perfect time to do so!

It will track my progress, keep me accountable and I will be able to look back and see the development process along the way. It's a win-win!


I am a Medical scientist/pre-med student, turned self-taught coder. A web-developer and more in the making. I had graduated with a Advanced Science degree in the Chemical Sciences during University. I was working in medical research, in pursuits of a career in health sciences & medicine. But I was lacking fulfilment and wanted more from the path I was embarking on.

In my pastime, to wind down from my daily routine, I took pleasure in writing blogs and designing websites. I wanted more freedom and control on the display of the website and interface.

Hence, this led to self-taught coding. 

I did some coding in late 2019 out of pure leisure. However, I'd like to dive deeper into the world of tech and document my journey.

I will be posting my notes and things I learned along the way, hoping to track my progress, inspire and empower others along the way. As a career changer into tech, the path can feel frightening. BUT! It is also a huge blessing and beautiful things are coming your way.

I will be posting my notes and things I learned, hoping to track my progress, inspire and empower others along the way.

As a career changer into tech, the path can feel frightening.

In fact, there are some words a mentor passed on to me, and rang true to me to this day onward.

"It feels like a big bad scary world for a lady entering tech. It's the unknown and it's not the easiest path, hence why we're rare humans!
Persistance is absolute key here, it's not going to be easy but it's hella rewarding!"

To me, although it is not the easiest and most straightforward path, it is also a huge blessing and I believe beautiful things are coming my way.

I'd like to gracefully embrace this journey ahead and be a voice for those who were/are in similar backgrounds and empower YOU, that you are capable of anything and everything.

As a self-maker and self-starter, I feel strongly about this. Everyone can create their own best and most extraordinary version of themselves, i.e. YOU. In addition to this, I will be documenting my journey online as well as on here. I will also be working on other things and will be shown on both my social media, so head over there if you haven't already!

When I am not working in tech you will see me hitting my PBs at the gym or doing something creative. Picture me in the humble space called the kitchen, doing twists on recipes, find me writing or working with photography/videography. I hope to share this journey with you and all the things code alike.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to #katiekodes 2020.