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Updated: May 29, 2020


Hi everyone!

Welcome to The Katie Kode Project.

I started this blog to track my progress in the #100DaysofCode challenge.

However, as I already track this on Github, Instagram and my Twitter, I felt that this writing space is reserved for something else.

Instead of writing daily blogs, I will be posting weekly about the interpersonal lessons I learned throughout the week, some tips and overall motivating posts.

It can be a good way for me to look back at it and reflect. At the same time, to share the important lessons I learned in my programming journey or my career.

Here are the previews of my daily log on Github if you haven't checked out my Github yet (I am still trying to understand how Github works #newbiethings).

Preview on Github:

Day 1: April 14, 2020

Today's Progress: Officially publicly pledged my commitment to the #100daysofcode challenge. Below is a number of code and tech related things I worked on: 
- Did a quick recap of fundamental HTML/CSS. I am self-learning off Udemy.com - The Web Developer Bootcamp
- Worked with algorithms and coded a program using C language as part of the CS50 coursework on Edx. 
- Activated and dedicated an official instagram account for my self-learning journey in code. Find here: https://www.instagram.com/katiekodes/ 
- Set up an official Github account and still trying to get my head around the interface. I'm not too sure what all the functions mean or do so I am learning as I go.
- Lastly, set up my official website dedicated to coding projects, creative works at the like. It is simply a portfolio that I had my mind on for a while for all my works including writing, travel, cooking, technology posts etc. I decided this opportunity would be fitting for me to weave all those elements into one, nestled neatly in one website, which I will be launching very soon.

Thoughts: I really struggle with organising my thoughts when it comes to coding. I hope to improve this in time. C language is really a challenge. In fact, I still struggle with C, because I feel there is a little bit of logic behind it. Nevertheless, I feel I'll get better with it once I become more used to coding, recognising patterns and simply practicing.

You may continue to find the summary daily versions of my log on my Github.

Thank you for stopping by.

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