The Katie Kode Project 2020

I'm a Graduate Medical Research Scientist turned Web Developer. Starting 2020 onwards, I became a self-taught developer, committed to the #100DaysofCode.


In this space, I document my journey, the struggles, the wins, insights and empowerment as a woman and career changer in STEM. 

In my pastime, I like to dabble in the writing & digital creation space where I am all about empowering others, through visuals and words.

I don’t just use words to describe what I see; I craft stories and paint scenes that transport the reader to somewhere familiar but unspoken of, the new and the unexpected, dazzled with inspiration.


I also love to create bizarre recipes and make all kinds of foods, as part of my cookbook project < Koded Kitchen />. Sharing homemade, unique recipes with you.


When I am not writing or developing recipes, I am smashing my PBs at the gym, hiking, travelling the world and writing my next story ~

Thank you for joining me.

I encourage each and every one of you to Strive Today. To Thrive Tomorrow. 

Welcome to KatieKodes 2020